Enchanted flute journey 
– Yourte – 

Samedi 24.08 // 8h — 10h


Steev Kindwald

Steev Kindwald creates a deep hypnotic breath groove music using double/triple flutes, rare and deep jawharps and flutes obliques– many of his own creation.
He has performed and given workshops in over 15 countries; from Japan to Palestine to Sumatera to France….
Steev has passed over 20 years in Indian desert regions with Roma/Jogis, Faklirs and Nomadic peoples to feel the winds and study with great unknown masters.
Please join the groove with your heart and body or simply lie down and enjoy the one body breath orchestra.

Enchanted Flute Healing Sound Workshop;

Opening with the Long Harmonic tube time travel device known as the Jajbina— breath driven harmonics that open the sky and enter the earth.
A folk dhun raga in Jogiya will be offered…. lie back or simply enjoy the ever evolving groove.

Breath Groove Workshop;
Participatory in nature or simply to be enjoyed in pleasure.

This workshop will focus on rare grooves to tickle the pineal gland and make the body vibrate. We are all musicians.
Using breath and or body percussion, stamping feet we will explore the nature of inner grooves the exercise the mind and body.
Grooves in rare times as 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 ,17 even 108 can be explored —all will be determined by the group minds needs.
One could call the groove pranayama !

De nature participative ou tout simplement pour vous faire plaisir, cet atelier se concentre
De nature participative ou tout simplement pour se faire plaisir

Cet atelier se concentrera sur des sillons rares pour chatouiller la glande pinéale et faire vibrer le corps. Nous sommes tous des musiciens.
À l’aide de la respiration et / ou de la percussion corporelle, en foulant les pieds, nous explorerons la nature des sillons intérieurs, un exercice physique et mental.
Il est possible d’explorer des rainures dans des moments aussi rares que 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, voire 108 – tout sera déterminé par les besoins du groupe.
On pourra appeler le groove pranayama !

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